You move on. And we are always by your side

The ALUMNI EMESCAM Program aims to strengthen the relationship with its students and alumni, promoting actions to create opportunities for our Academic Community, offering opportunities for professional development, networking and benefits to those who were and still are part of the institution's history.


We want to maintain a continuous bond with our alumni, learn about their successes and difficulties, and accompany the professionals we train in their entry into the job market.


Keeping this communication channel open is a way to continue this relationship that began in the classroom, stimulating university life and the permanent exchange of information between graduates, students and the university.


The doors will always be open for you to remember moments of your academic life. Probably the best years of your life that made you the citizen you are today.

Library Access

Our alumni can access it. Just identify yourself at the front desk.

Alumni Card

If you want to participate in the Emescam Advantage Club, you can apply for the alumni card.

Schedule the "Saudade" class

Want to relive the best years of your life? Reunite with your college friends!

50th Anniversary Celebration Book

You can buy the book that tells the story of our institution.

Alumni Card

Alumni can take advantage of the Advantage Club!


Send an e-mail to, with your full name, course and year of graduation, stating that you want the Emescam Alumni Card. 


Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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