The Library is an academic support sector that aims to manage and provide documentary and informational resources for the development of teaching, research and extension programs, strengthening the construction of health knowledge of its users.



Central Library

Its collection caters for all courses and is located at the institution's headquarters, at Avenida Nossa Senhora da Penha, 1120, Santa Luíza District - Vitória - ES.

Contact us: (27) 3334-3524
E-mail: biblioteca@emescam.br

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Thrusday: 7 am - 5 pm
Saturdays: 8am - 2pm


Santa Casa Sectoral Library 

Its collection caters all courses and is located inside the Teaching Hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia – Rua Doutor João dos Santos Neves, 143 – Vila Rubim, Vitória – ES.

Contact us: (27) 3334-3503

E-mail: biblioteca@emescam.br

Opening Hours 

Segunda a Quinta-feira: das 6h30 às 21h30
Sexta-feira: das 8h às 14h



Chief Librarian 

Elisangela Terra Barbosa Povoas – CRB 608
E-mail: elisangela.povoas@emescam.br

Contact Us

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