Extension is part of the educational process, having as its inducing and motivating force the immediate and most relevant questions demanded by society. It is by extension that IES interacts with the community in which it operates, becoming a bridge between the institution and the various sectors of society, presenting itself in several ways: course offerings, seminars, lectures, extension and assistance activities.

It is in the extension, that the students correlate the theoretical foundations with the practical doing, besides spreading and socializing the knowledge conveyed by the teaching and produced by the research. It also allows the knowledge of the reality of the community, diagnosing needs and demands of research and other actions. It is an academic activity that contributes significantly to the change of society, reinforcing the commitment of the IES to the social transformation, based on the principles of justice, solidarity, democracy and social inclusion.

Nature of the Extension Actions

a) Project: a set of procedural and continuous actions of educational, social, cultural, scientific or technological character, to achieve a well-defined goal of a program to which it is linked; limited timeframe should result in a product that competes to achieve the overall goals of the program and to expand or improve the institutions involved:
Note: The Project may be linked to a Program (preferred form) or registered as Unlinked Project.

b) Course: articulated set of pedagogical actions, theoretical or practical, face-to-face or online, planned and organized in a systematic way, with a defined workload according to the objectives to be achieved.

c) Event: actions that imply the public and free presentation and exhibition, or also with specific clientele of cultural, scientific and technological knowledge or product, developed, preserved or recognized by EMESCAM: Congress, Forum, Seminar, Week, Exhibition, Show, Sporting or Cultural Events, Festival or equivalent.

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