EMESCAM currently has a computer network information technology infrastructure that connects equipment between servers, computers, printers and others.

EMESCAM has an Internet access structure, available internally to students, teachers and administrators, for research, class and work development activities, as well as administrative activities.

To maintain the technology park, the Institution relies on the Information Technology Sector with specialized technical staff. These are responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of this infrastructure.

Internet Access

EMESCAM is the only private institution in the state to be part of the Metrovix network. Rede Metrovix is ​​a high-speed network in the city of Vitória, maintained by the National Education and Research Network (RNP), which interconnects public and private networks by optical infrastructure and real-time communication.

We currently have 3 redundant links having each link 10 Gigabits outbound for internet traffic, we also have a whole block of valid IP addresses, provided by RNP, which we use to implement the various online access services provided by EMESCAM and Santa Casa. In addition, we have a contingency 240 Mega ADSL link and these accesses are distributed throughout the institution through wired and wireless networks.

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