Considered a strong indicator of teaching quality, internationalization has become a global phenomenon in recent decades. Broadly speaking, it means a process that integrates different activities such as research collaboration, all forms of academic mobility, international higher education development projects, curricular aspects related to the scope or changes of general programs or courses (UNESCO, 2004). This process has economic, social, political and cultural dimensions for higher education.

The Internationalization sector is available to students and alumni, and offers the services:

- Documentation verification for diploma validation and other documents abroad;

- Translation of school transcripts to English;

- Assistance in student exchanges free mover from Emescam, who wish to intern in foreign institutions that are not part of our cooperation agreements;

- Organization of student exchanges free mover from other international institutions who wish to work at Emescam or Santa Casa for a short period.

For other related services, please contact:

E- mail:
Phone numbers: +55 (27) 3334-3523 or +55 (27) 99239-4995





EMESCAM Mundi was created as a facility concept and aims to offer students, residents, graduates and especially health professionals a differentiated opportunity by offering courses and seminars abroad.

Our business unit has focused its educational activities on agreements with renowned health language fluency schools, and partnerships with educational institutions to offer opportunities abroad and develop international courses in Brazil. EMESCAM Mundi services are also available to stakeholders from other institutions.


Our commitment is to the constant search for the new by creating experiences to qualify new talents and ensure a differential in health careers preparing the professional for the future and anticipating market challenges that have not yet been foreseen.

Get to know our programs:

• Technical English in the Health Field

This is a program designed specifically for nurses, medical students, doctors and healthcare professionals. During the course, participants develop communication through specific vocabulary and terminology used in healthcare settings. The focus is on improving English communication skills in a clinic or hospital.

• Language Courses

The language course is ideal for those who want to learn and / or improve their language skills while enjoying free time during their stay abroad. All basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills will be taught. The course includes grammar and vocabulary, focusing on the use of spoken English in everyday situations. We have partnerships with English, Spanish, French and German schools.

• General English Courses with Social Volunteering

Study English in the morning and volunteer in the afternoon working in the local community in this rewarding program. Several social settings ranging from childcare to NGO work are available.

Request the program budget of your choice:

Phone numbers: +55 (27) 3334-3523 or +55 (27) 99239-4995

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