External Transfer

Many students choose to transfer to graduate from a higher-rated college that best meets the demands of the marketplace. If you are a student of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine or Social Work and want to transfer your course to Emescam, find out more about the prerequisites further. We'll help you with all the helpful information for completing the transfer processes.

Nursing, Physiotherapy and Social Work Transfer

How to join through the transfer process:

1: The applicant must be regularly enrolled in another Higher Education Institution;

2: To open a protocol at the Academic Secretariat

3: Submit the required documentation to the Academic Secretariat:

College Enrollment Statement

Syllabus of the home institution.

Higher Education School Transcript of the institution of origin.

4: After the delivery of the documentation to the Academic Secretariat, await the review by the course coordinator.

For more information, the applicant may contact the Academic Secretariat at +55 27 3334.3533

For students with Prouni or Fies Scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Sector at +55 27 3334.3562

Medical School Transfer

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